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Established in 2006, TATA Africa Services (Nigeria) Limited operates as the nodal point for Tata businesses in West Africa.
TATA Africa Services (Nigeria) Limited has a strong presence in Nigeria with investments exceeding USD 10 million. The company was established in Lagos, Nigeria as a subsidiary of TATA Africa Holdings (SA) (Pty) Limited, South Africa and serves as the hub of Tata’s operations in Nigeria and the rest of West Africa.

Tata Nigeria shares the core Tata values of business ethics and commitment to corporate social responsibility. At the core of the company’s approach to doing business is the Tata Business Excellence Model incorporating sound business principles, providing quality to its consumers, customer satisfaction, attention to detail, conservation of resources and protection of the environment.

The company has a strong infrastructure base, excellent marketing capabilities, knowledge of the local market and needs, highly qualified manpower and a commitment to community development initiatives for improving the quality of life of the people.

Tata Africa Services (Nigeria) Limited offers products in the  segments of  passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, medium commercial vehicles, heavy vehicles, material handling equipments(forklift trucks, stackers, tire handlers etc), heavy equipments (excavators, back-hoes, graders and cranes etc), tires, construction equipment (concrete mixers etc), steel and chemicals.

Tata Nigeria has set up a state-of-the art 3S (sales, service and spare parts) facility at Amuwo Odofin Industrial Layout in Lagos and a branch in Port Harcourt. The company has appointed dealers in Nigeria which are Simba Motors (Northern region) with headquarters in Kano and Viramsun Motors (Central region) with headquarters in Abuja. The South-West, South- East and South –South regions are currently being operated by Tata Nigeria. Other dealers are also being appointed state wise for sales, servicing and spare parts.

Tata Nigeria is backed up by a team of thorough professionals with sufficient and varied experience and exposure.
A well-known and respected name in Africa, Tata is committed to its vision of building and sustaining relationships with co-operation and trust, creating employment opportunities and making its contribution to the social development of Nigeria.