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Tata Nigeria’s Chemical division offers diverse range chemicals and agrochemicals to its customers through a wide global network, with strict international quality and safety norms. Tata Nigeria, along with its sourcing offices from around the world,works as a single window, meeting the requirements of industries in Nigeria like soaps & detergent, cosmetics, glass, leather, textiles, paints, food and pharmaceuticals. The division is in a committed partnership with leading overseas suppliers and manufacturers, not only from its own manufacturing plants based out of Magadi in Kenya but also from other manufacturers worldwide for full range of products. Tata Nigeria provides Just In Time delivery (JIT) or on Vendor’s Managed Inventory (VMI) basis of supply: managing and financing stocks right from sourcing till final consumption in the customers facility.

With combination of a team of experienced and qualified personnel and own infrastructure of land and equipments, the company assures continuous and regular supply of raw materials. The company’s network of transport, assures JIT delivery to all the 36 states nationwide, without involvement from customers own logistics departments. A wide range of chemicals are dealt with and many more can be sourced through the company’s global offices. A few core products are given below for your immediate reference,

Soaps, Detergent & Cosmetics

Soda Ash Light and Dense

Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP)

Caustic Soda

Carboxy Methyl Cellulose

Sulphonic Acid (LABSA)

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES)

Sodium Sulphate

Zeolite 4A


Natural and Synthetic Iron Oxide

Chrome Pigments

Azo & Diazo Pigments

Phthalocyanine Pigments

Ultramarine Pigments

Carbon Black

Titanium Dioxide


Soda Ash Dense

Soda Ash Dense Magadi

Iron Oxide


Petroleum Jelly

Microcrystalline Wax

White Oil


Sodium Hydrosulphite

Hydrochloric Acid

Acetic Acid

Caustic Soda

Gum Rosin

Corn Starch

Sodium Acetate


Basic Chromium Sulphate

Acid Dyes


Liming Auxiliaries

Wax Emulsions



Basic Chromium Sulphate

Acid Dyes


Liming Auxiliaries

Wax Emulsions


PVC Pipes

PVC K-65

Calcium Carbonate

PVC Stabilizers